Need Agent Info because you’re thinking of changing brokerages?


If you’re a Realtor doing pretty well at your current brokerage, why would you be changing brokerages? But what does “pretty well” mean?

Could you be taking home more of your hard earned money (i.e. better commission split)? What’s included in the money your current brokerage keeps? Website? Training? Desk fees? Admin fees?

Of course, you don’t have to change.


But you should always know your options. That’s just smart business.


Think about this for just a minute.


What are the Top 5 areas of your life that are most important to you? Think about how hard you work, how much money you take home, your stress and frustration levels, your lifestyle, your health, the amount of free time you have…


Now, here are the Top 5 Life Priorities eXp Realty agents cited BEFORE they joined:

Changing brokerages


  • Family
  • Money to pay the bills and save
  • Home
  • Newer model car
  • Being able to retire comfortably

Do these match up with yours?

Over 15,000 Realtors feel eXp helps them
focus on their Top 5 Priorities.

I left KW because I was tired of the nickel and diming – fees for copying, desk fees, office fees, royalty fees, transaction fees! The list went on and on. Plus, the splits weren’t helping me with putting money aside for retirement or savings.

Changing brokerages

Agents without a Retirement Plan have to work until they can’t.

Then I moved to Homesmart. They were great! Except their model did nothing to help me put money aside for retirement or savings.

Then, I learned about eXp.I get all the admin support and technology, great splits AND I get stock in the company for just doing my job – shares for my first transaction, shares for capping, and the ability to set aside 5% of each transaction commission to buy stock at a discounted price.

I NOW have a Retirement Plan.

May I buy you a cup of coffee and we’ll talk about life priorities and how to spend more time focused on them?

Nothing was every lost by having a conversation

Click on this image to get an idea of how eXp could change your world,
help you achieve your goals, and let you focus on your priorities:


Agent info and lifestyle



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