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What IS the Home Buying Process?

Or maybe it’s your first home? In any case, it’s important you know how the home buying process works today.

Here are the basic steps to the Home Buying Process:

Home buying process

      1. Check your credit score and credit reports
      2. Ask a few Realtors for their recommendations on Loan Officers to get pre-approved or help with credit repair
      3. Interview Realtors to decide who works BEST with you
      4. Read our Wants vs Needs article and make your list
      5. Use our website Search tool to start your narrow down your search.
      6. Text or call us and we’ll set up appointments for private home tours
      7. Discuss the pros and cons of each home
      8. Make an offer
      9. Reach out to your loan officer to get your mortgage approved
      10. Close on your home
      11. MOVE IN!!


Want more details on each step?

We bet you’re tired of reading. Why not text or give us call and we’ll buy you a cup of coffee and talk through each of these steps? That way, we can answer all of your home buying process questions right then and there!


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