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How to Choose a REALTOR®

Wondering HOW to choose a REALTOR®?

Referrals don’t always work out well. Then there’s the pressure on your relationship with the person who referred you! Ugh.

These “How to Choose a REALTOR” tips apply whether you’re buying a home or thinking of selling your home.  You want your home buying or selling experience to be as stress-free, well-informed, and enjoyable as possible. That means taking your time to Choose a REALTOR that’s RIGHT for YOU!


Tip #1: Figure out what you want, where you want it, and your wants and needs

A Real Estate Agent is not a mind-reader or a counselor. If you’re making your home buying or selling decision with someone else, be sure you’re both on the same page before talking with a Real Estate Agent. This step will ensure a more enjoyable, less stressful experience and in all honesty, save you time and effort.

Know the features you need in a house and those that you are willing to compromise on so that your agent shows you only what fits your criteria.


Tip #2: Decide what REALTOR qualities are important to you and rank them

Although liking your REALTOR is important, it’s risky to go with “but she/he is so friendly and helpful.” All REALTORs should be friendly, trustworthy, helpful, and informed about their market.

Here are some other qualities you might want to consider:

  • They are easy to find online and you can search for homes and view the homes they represent. This indicates proactive and creative marketing, particularly important to you as a Seller
  • Have their own website with both property search capability and lots of information about the area (schools, sports, activities, etc.)
  • Their articles indicate they are knowledgeable, trusted, well-respected and successful
  • You can find testimonials or client comments about them either on their site or agent ranking sites like Active Rain
  • They set expectations from the very first interaction and are respectful of your time and needs


Tip #3: Do your due diligence and research on at least 2-3 REALTORs first

The easiest way to learn about a person these days is through Google and Facebook as well as other preferred social media tools.. First, make sure you are searching for the right person by adding “real estate agent” (i.e. Jane Smith Real estate agent”)  or “REALTOR” to your search. Check their pages for references to Real Estate. You don’t want to be looking at the wrong person! :)

REALTORs whose names you cannot find on Facebook and Google are probably not using those tools to promote their listings or market themselves. That’s almost a must in our book.  You have to decide if that’s the type of REALTOR you want.

Wondering about the REALTOR name? Well first, yes, it should be in all capital letters wherever possible, per our National Association of REALTORs (NAR) guidelines. It means we follow a higher standard of care and code of ethics, outlined by NAR. Click here for more details on this if you’re interested.


Tip #4: Meet with each prospective REALTOR in person, if possible

Meeting in person gives you a much better idea of the REALTOR and whether you can work together. After you have met with 2-3 REALTORs, you’ll be able to make your decision on who to work with.


Tip #5: Be open and communicate clearly

Once selected, your REALTOR wants you to be happy with your experience. If there is something bothering you about the process or you have questions, find out what the best way to communicate is (sometimes this is phone calls or emails). Please, speak up! We’re here to help!

Be open, honest, and specific about your wants and needs and you’ll have an amazing real estate experience!

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