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Installing soft-close cabinet hinges

A soft close cabinet hinge prevents the cabinet door from being slammed by controlling how the door shuts. This tiny mechanism kicks in as the door is just about to close, and is used in cabinet doors that have self-closing hinges. Also called shock absorbers or buffers, soft close cabinet hinges ensure that cabinet doors close quietly. The following tips will help you install these noise-reducing hinges on your cabinet doors.

If you’re more of a video person rather than written instructions, here’s a couple of YouTube videos that might be helpful depending on the type of cabinets you have:

Methods of Installing Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

There are two methods: predrilling or not predrilling. With predrilling, you put the hinge in place and then drill a hole where the screw hole should go. With the other method, you don’t drill this preliminary hole and instead put the screw in place and then drill. You can use either method.

Tools You’ll Need to Install Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

You don’t need a lot of tools or special equipment to attach soft close hinges to your cabinet doors. All you’ll need are the following: the hinges, an awl, a hammer, and a Phillips screwdriver.

Position the Soft Close Cabinet Hinges Before Installing Them

Start by placing the soft close hinge immediately below the existing hinge. The front edge of the soft close hinge should be flush with the face of the cabinet. If everything is positioned correctly, the rubber-tipped closer arm on the hinge will extend between 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch past the face of the cabinet.

Make Pilot Holes for the Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

Next, mark where the screw holes for the soft close hinge should be made. To make the pilot holes, take the awl and use the hammer to tap the awl into the screws’ center points.

Secure the Soft Close Cabinet Hinge to the Door

Now, all you need to do is use a screwdriver to screw the screws into the cabinet door so that they securely hold the soft close hinge in place.

How to Buy Soft Close Cabinet Hinges on eBay

You can find soft close cabinet hinges at all home improvement stores as well as on

Make Sure the Soft Close Cabinet Hinge is Adjusted Properly

To test that the hinge has the right amount of tension, open the cabinet door and allow it to close on its own so you can see how quickly and noisily it shuts. If you need to adjust the resistance, simply turn the screw clockwise. To reduce the resistance, turn the screw counterclockwise.