Meet Tom Mayer, Phoenix REALTOR®

The Most Important Part of the Real Estate Journey is You!
Allow me to be your Real Estate Guide.

Tom Mayer, Phoenix Realtor

Tom Mayer, Phoenix REALTOR®

Deciding to go on a Real Estate journey, whether you’re a buyer or homeowner, is a BIG decision. My clients have told me that they’ve woken up in the middle of the night, second guessing themselves. Talk about stressful!

So what do they do to feel better, more secure and reassured? They call me. We talk through their concerns and fears (what’s the absolute worst outcome?) and pull together a plan of action. This step-by-step process and communication is critical to the success of your Real Estate journey.

Phoenix’ home inventory is at an all time low and interest rates are up… wait, they’re down…now they’re back up. 🙂  In other words, interest rates are unpredicatble. That means the time to act is now, for both buyers and homeowners, because if interest rates rise, buyers can afford less for the home itself, leaving homeowners with a home that won’t sell for the price they expect.

My philosophy is pretty matter-of-fact. I’m a process guy. I want you, as the buyer or homeowner, to know what to expect from the entire Real Estate process, from the private home tours to the home selection to the negotiations and the closing (including those pesky fees!).

After all, the most important part of this Phoenix Real Estate journey is you and I see it as my job to provide you with as much knowledge and understanding of the process as you want or need.

Allow me to buy you a cup of coffee and let’s get your Real Estate questions answered.

Text or call me at 602-363-0351

or Feel free to email me at

Have a listen!

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  • LaTisha Peoria, AZ
    Everything went according to how it was supposed to go! Was great! Overall EXCELLENT!! Easiest home purchase to date for us. Tom was always available whenever we had questions, if he didn't know, he would find out the answer and then get back to us as quickly as possible.
  • Bonelli's
    Hal Mayer made sure everything went smoothly and every detail was handled professionally with the purchase of our home. Hal was in constant communication and ready to show listings that I wanted to see. I liked the way he presented each viewing with the needed information on the property. Hal is very organized and made […]
  • Jovan Bonelli Mesa AZ
    Hal was awesome.. Great job in finding properties and exceeding expectations.