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What’s Up with the Phoenix Real Estate market?

What’s UP with the Phoenix Real Estate Market?

  • Should you search for your next home first… or
  • Should you put an offer in on a house before you put yours up for sale… or
  • Should you put your home up for sale, then start looking… or
  • Should you get your home under contract and THEN look for your next home?

GREAT questions!


For our current Phoenix Real Estate market (early 2019), the data shows homes are taking between 60 and 100 days to sell (called Days on Market). So you want to put your home up for sale FIRST and see what level of interest you get in the first week or two.

As a homeowner, you should know that how fast your home sells also depends on the condition and finishes of your home AND your REALTOR’s marketing skills.


The market is shifting here in Phoenix.  Homes under $350,000 are selling in under 60 days but homes above that amount can take up to 90 days or more.

Rather than make you read LOTS of tables and statistics, I’ve created a short video that can help you

  • Buy the home you want or
  • Help you make the right decisions on pricing your home for sale

I’m pretty sure you’ll still want to ask questions about all of this so allow me to buy you a cup of coffee and we’ll discuss what’s going on. I’ll show you some statistics and we’ll talk about next steps.

Meanwhile, watch this short video!

Speak with you soon!