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Home Improvements to Sell Your Home Faster

Home Owners – Be Sure you write down all of the home improvements as you make them (so you don’t forget the new window screens or concrete staining). This helps me sell your home by pointing out your investments. Plus, it helps sell your home faster if we can show the buyers the list of improvements.

  1. Organize and clean your home.
    Ideally, you could have your home professionally organized and cleaned (cost is about $500-800 depending on the size of your home). If this isn’t in your budget, assign each family member a room to sort through and categorize items into “keep”, “store”, or “donate.”Once all the clutter is cleared out (including your wedding and family pictures and vacation souvenirs), I’d highly recommend a professional house cleaning. They find dirt in the most amazing places (places where Buyers will look if you’re selling your Phoenix home). If you’re in the process of selling your home, of course, you know to “keep it clean and de-cluttered” until the Buyer is secured (home inspection completed and financing approved). sell your home faster
  2. Add storage.
    First, everyone seems to need more storage! If you’re selling your Phoenix home, your home should show Buyers that all their stuff will fit into your home. If you can add storage cabinets or a ceiling rack to your garage without taking away from parking a car in it, do so.
  3. Make sure nothing squeaks.
    Lubricate room door hinges and cabinet hinges. Add self-adhesive silicon “dots” or bumpers to drawers and cabinets so they close quietly. BONUS TIP: For about $40, you can buy a 10-pack of soft-close cabinet dampers which make your cabinet drawers and doors seem more expensive. This a great way to impress friends AND buyers! Check out our article on how to install soft close hinges here!
  4. Fill in and paint any nicks and gouges as well as an holes left by nails.
    If you have some nonneutral paint colors in your home, consider painting those areas with a soft white or cream color.
  5. Stage your home.
    If you’re selling your home and have to move out before your home sells, then either leave behind a few pieces of good furniture in each room or stage the home (you’ll get your investment back either in faster selling time or offer price by professionally staging).

Research shows if you Stage your home, it may sell for more money and you may sell your home faster. If you want to increase your home’s value, let go using your well-loved furniture and invite an Accredited Staging Professional into your home for an evaluation.