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We’re Here for YOU in the Greater Phoenix area!

Seriously. You could spend 8-11 weeks searching for a home, spending time away from family and friends, getting frustrated at the “one that got away.” We have up-to-the-minute information. Let US do the work (at no cost to you!).

We can help you narrow down your options, discuss the pros and cons of each home and neighborhood, and act as a trusted advisor so you make the right decision for you and your family.

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Thinking about selling your current home? This is probably one of your biggest investments and you don’t want to trust just anyone to help you with it.

Let’s talk about using creative and innovative marketing (not rolled up flyers and a Craigslist ad) to get your home sold quickly while maximizing your return on investment.

Or, if you’d just like to talk over a cup of coffee about your Real Estate options, text or call Tom  at (602) 363- 0351. My treat!


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  • LaTisha Peoria, AZ
    Everything went according to how it was supposed to go! Was great! Overall EXCELLENT!! Easiest home purchase to date for us. Tom was always available whenever we had questions, if he didn't know, he would find out the answer and then get back to us as quickly as possible.
  • Bonelli's
    Hal Mayer made sure everything went smoothly and every detail was handled professionally with the purchase of our home. Hal was in constant communication and ready to show listings that I wanted to see. I liked the way he presented each viewing with the needed information on the property. Hal is very organized and made […]
  • Jovan Bonelli Mesa AZ
    Hal was awesome.. Great job in finding properties and exceeding expectations.